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I wish I could get away with wearing one, but it’s not safe where I live. I’d never had the opportunity to point out what it actually says. Does stealing quote Austin? Smh you didn’t coin that marijuana plant quote. And people have already made those taxation hats. taxation is quite literally a Pandora’s box, which once opened can’t ever be completely closed. Wish they’d thought of that back in 1913. Yeah, just don’t wear this hat around anarcho-communists. They attacked a woman who wore “Make Bitcoin Great Again” hat. I guess reds hate red hats. (Or maybe they just can’t read?)

I would wear this if it didn’t have anything to do with Austin Petersen. No thanks. I like the message but wouldn’t wear a hat that resembles the trumpet hat.

It’s a shame that even if you “own” something like land or a building or whatever that you still have to pay a tax on it. …or the more you make the more they take…. after a certain amount of hours it makes no sense for me to work because they tax (take) so much of one’s income. Great, now I’m angry.